(SYNERGY PROFESSIONAL SERVICES) is under contract to evaluate the efficiency of over 10,000 newly installed Bitcoin ATMs across America and Canada.
We are currently accepting qualified individuals to test some of our Bitcoin ATMs. It is fun and rewarding. There is no charge to become an evaluator and you do not need previous experience. Upon Approval, you will have access to training materials via e-mail or postal mail. 
Note that this offer does not affect your current job if you have one.

Assignments will be compensated at a rate of $300.00 per assignment. Up to 3 assignments are currently available every week

Bitcoin ATMs evaluation is a very exciting part time job, it offers extra income and also opportunity to learn more about the blockchain technology which is fetching people load of rewards. It is very exciting and straight forward as no prior experience is needed, all step by step training will be provided by our assigned officers. We pay our evaluator to transact at our various ATMs in other to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness in other to improve service quality.
Training, tips for improvement, and evaluation kits are provided free to registered agent.

Your job will be to evaluate some of the newly installed Bitcoin ATMs in your area and comment on the efficiency, effectiveness and user friendliness. No financial commitment is made on this job and the hours are flexible.

The Bitcoin ATM evaluation job is due to the following:
* If the ATMs are user friendly
* If ATMs are located at convenient places
* If the scanner correctly verifies wallet by scanning the QR code.
* If offers the maximum up-time and the lowest downtime
* Improving transaction speed and error rate

Bitcoin ATM evaluation agents are are needed for immediate assignments.
On this job, you are expected to; complete your task in a timely manner, Keep the task confidential and take accurate comments on you reports.
All ATMs sites are accessible by public transit. Therefore, not having a vehicle is not a barrier.
Up to 3 assignments are currently available every week at the rate of $300.00 per assignment.

* Able to maintain strict confidentiality
* Excellent observation skills and a keen attention to detail
* Effective written skills
* Able to be objective and unbiased
* Able to follow directions and memorize scenario

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